14 helpful apps for your sustainable trip

Slowly, this series of sustainable travel is coming to an end for now. As a small help to travel more environmentally friendly in the future, I have created a small link list. Check it out, and if you know anymore, I’ll be happy if you share them with us in the comments.


Yes, driving a car too can contribute less to pollution. It is important to evaluate the bigger picture and to understand, for example, that a fully occupied car can be less harmful than an almost empty bus. To know when and where to go there are some homepages and apps that can help you find a place and reach your destination.


Sometimes it is unavoidable to take the plane. It is your decision and responsibility to know if it is worth it or there are other possibilities. For example, if it is an emergency, you don’t have time and cannot reschedule or even if it is difficult to leave your comfort zone.

Then you can reduce the damage by compensating.

To briefly explain what compensation is: When you fly, greenhouse gases like CO2 are emitted. This and other emissions are particularly harmful especially at the height of an aircraft. To offset this on a global level, you can calculate your CO2 emissions and donate the corresponding amount to eco-social projects. The important thing is to pay attention what you are donating for. Because there are some questionable projects in terms of social and environmental factors. If I fly, I compensate with Co2mpensio, because I can rely on the projects and the arrival of the money. Also, I personally know and trust a person behind it. In addition, I find the app in its structure and the traceability really well done.

Trip Planner

How to get from A to B? There are a few sites to help you plan your trip. Duration, price and alternative options are displayed and you know details of your travel and can compare them with other ones.



Sustainable travel offers

Ecologically and socially responsible tourism? Is that possible?


More and more tour operators are concentrating on creating exciting travel experiences whose impact on the environment and on people is a minimum. The specially compiled travel packages should make sustainable travel more popular and easier at the same time.


If you spend more money on compensation, you may want to save something when it comes to Hotels, Hostels or other sleep-possibilities. With these pages, you do not have to pay anything for the overnight stay and you also get unique acquaintances and experiences.

With both of them, I’ve met incredibly beautiful people and places in the past and I’m still excited about this concept. Especially workaway is an awesome concept because you can stay in one place for a longer period of time. In return, you help your hosts.


I hope these digital tools will help you to make your next journey more eco-friendly and enjoyable. For me, typical tourist holidays are out of the question because I’ve learned that it’s much more fun to design my own journey, do what I want, and keep track of the impact of the journey on the environment and its inhabitants.

In the last post Nadja explained why it is worthwhile to travel in a sustainable way: Here you can find the article.

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