what I learned from a sustainable lifestyle

Since I decided to change my life towards a more sustainable lifestyle, I have learned a lot. About myself and others, challenges, what is missing and where there is already much potential in terms of environmental awareness. What have I learned through a more environmentally aware life over the last four years? You will it find out now.

All or nothing?

That’s not what it is about! The diet does not have to be 100% vegan, your lifestyle is not zero waste, and the energy you use is not just green energy. It’s great if you already separate garbage, be conscious about the amount of meat and dairy products you eat, you can use fewer plains to travel or take public transports instead of owning a car. Basically, it is about a more conscious consumption.

If all of us were ready to pay a little into the environmental fund, we all have fewer problems. No matter which option or combination you choose, every step toward sustainability counts.

Black or white? Colourful!

Often, so many aspects play a role in a sustainable and environmentally aware lifestyle that it’s hard to say: just do this and never do that. Clearly, there are exceptions, but it’s important to weigh your options and alternatives to contribute a less negative impact on environment and society.

Questions such as fairness in the production process, transportation, resource consumption, animal welfare, and much more are part of our daily decisions. Like Maddie in her podcast, „a mindfulmess“ (episode 7) says, „It’s about the measure and the purpose, the meaningfulness of a purchase or consumption.“

Do not point at others, but make it better

It is an individual decision like: Do I eat meat or not, do I fly, or do I look for alternatives, buy and support environmentally harmful products or do I pay attention to my consumption? All these questions and many others are ones that everyone must answer for themselves.

One thing is clear though: you are responsible for your actions and you must live with them, but YOU decide. Anyone who points the finger at you holds three fingers in his or her own direction. Until today nobody has made everything right life, we are humans and we are allowed to learn from our mistakes.


Hiding from the truth – a waste of time

Out of frustration, I now buy the beef steak, wrapped in four layers of plastic, it comes best from far and for the food, the rainforest was cut down. Many do not care, but more and more people are concerned about the environment and its well-being. Whether at work, at school or even on television, the topic keeps coming up.

You can deny it, but it will not be long before you face reality again. Why? Quite simply because the climate change, the garbage problem or the fertility of our soil will put a gun on our breasts, and no problem will be solved if you look away and live on as before.

Are we our habits?

When you go shopping, do you think long about what’s going in your shopping cart, or do you have favourite products you always buy? Most of us, especially in stress situations, rely on our habits. Me too. Changing habits is not always easy. Clearly! Above all, this process takes time, but just because you’ve always done so, it does not mean it’s the best option for you or your environment and the living beings living with you on this earth.

Patience is a virtue…

… and I was definitely not born with it. The closer I get to my adult self, the more I realize that patience is quite useful. Especially if you want to switch from a lavish lifestyle to a more sustainable one, for example.

It is a process. It does not go from one day to the next because you need options, alternatives and knowledge that you can acquire. Sometimes it takes longer, other times not. Above all, new habits, those that are the basis of environmentally conscious behaviour, take time.

We learn from and with each other

How, where and with whom we grow up has an influence on our whole life. Also, whether we behave environmentally conscious or not. If you have seen earlier that your mom paid more attention to quantity and price rather than quality, today you will probably pay less attention to organic quality too. You’ll do it that way because you’re used to it.

Our parents cannot always do everything right, just like every human being. You can learn something from others and test these behaviours and implement the better ones in your life. A concept that works, I know that, because I tried it.

Conclusive arguments such as the tons of plastic in the sea, the climate change that is responsible for heat waves and species extinction, or the meat eating that pretty much boosts any of these problems by our current society, logically force us to change something in our individual life’s. Of course, it is easy and convenient to do what we are used to, but this is not making anything better.

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